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SMD wire wound resistors

Product Name:SMD wire wound resistors
Rated Power:1/2W ~4W
Resistance range:0.1Ω - 1K2 Ω
Tolerance:1%-5% optional
Temperature coefficient:50ppm/℃-300 ppm/℃
Packing type:Tape & Reel 
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SMD wire wound resistor is a technology innovated patent product of our company, which is a breakthrough in resistors industry too. The products adopt SMD encapsulation with four sizes of SM2615, SM3816, SM4525 and SM6327. Rated power range covers 1/2W to 4W and resistance value is 0.1Ω  to 1K2 Ω.  It saves the costs of production and labor forces effectively due to that it is produced in compact size, unique designed, stable performance, high efficiency and reasonable prices. Produced by automatic machine, the defect rate of production cuts down in obviously.

1. Multi-function for choice.
2. Nonflammable epoxy resin hot-pressing encapsulated, firm in construction.
3. Low noise, low T.R.C, excellent stability and high reliability.
4. SMT operating designed friendly for automation.
1. Anti-lightening modules of microwave communication.
2. Power supply models of communication.
3. High power supply,lightening stroke surge suppression circuits.
4. Protection circuits of signal.
5. Power supply of STB or other terminal devices.
6. Anti-lightening protection circuits of base station.
Specifications of  SMD wire wound resistors:


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