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(15-50W) SQZ cement resistors

Product Name:(15-50W) SQZ cement resistors
Rated Power:15W to 50W
Resistance range:0.1-100KΩ
Temperature coefficient:±300 ppm/℃
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     Cement resistors that are also called as ceramic-housed resistors, it is one of the resistors those use the resistance wire wound on the well heat-resistant ceramic rods or insulated & heat-sinking fiber bodies to form the cores of resistors( They are replaced with metal oxide rods for that specifications are in high values), and then put into the ceramic housings in difference sizes & shapes according to the design after quality-checking passed, and are sealed by the special nonflammable filling materials, finally high temperature baked after dry in shade.

    The general series of cement resistors have SQZ, SQM,SQP, SQT, MPR etc. upon to their difference shapes & performance. It has characters that are smart, low noise, low T.C.R, vibration-proof, good heat-resistant and dissipation. It is wildly used to electronics, electronic appliances, power supply, audio systems and home appliances.

Specifications of SQZ cement resistors(15W to 50W) 

Testing & performance: